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With DOCKR, entrepreneurs become master of the city center. With our electric vehicles and flexible contracts, we help you with a logistics solution that is appropriate for this time. How can we help you?

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DOCKR has a solution to the increasing accessibility problems in city centres: electric cargo bikes. The increase in car traffic creates traffic jams on the streets, making it increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to deliver parcels, especially given the limited space. In addition, resistance to polluting vehicles is increasing because of their negative impact on the environment.

DOCKR offers entrepreneurs the perfect mobility solution with its electric cargo bikes. These cargo bikes have sufficient load capacity and are offered with flexible contracts. This allows entrepreneurs to continue to reach the city centre at any time. DOCKR offers a complete service package, including insurance, regular maintenance and the availability of a replacement electric cargo bike. This allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on their core business without having to worry about logistics.

DOCKR’s electric cargo bikes are not only more environmentally friendly, they also offer many advantages for use in the city. They are fast and agile, allowing them to navigate narrow streets effortlessly. Moreover, they require less maintenance due to their simple construction, reducing downtime and costs.

DOCKR’s mobility solutions allow companies to deliver their parcels and services on time and cost-effectively. This makes them more attractive to potential customers and employees. Moreover, the use of electric cargo bikes increases staff availability as they do not require a driving licence.

DOCKR helps small and medium-sized companies to efficiently manage urban delivery traffic while building an eco-friendly image. With flexible contracts and a comprehensive service, companies can focus on their core business and benefit from reliable transport with electric cargo bikes. The future of delivery is electric and DOCKR is leading the way with its advanced mobility solutions based on electric cargo bikes.