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Faster travel through the city centre

Use the bicycle lanes to travel from A to B and park superfast on the pavement.


Save on expenses

Never look for a parking space again, saving loads on wasted time and parking fees.


Sustainable business practices

Compact electric transport lowers carbon emissions. Your company can also contribute to a better world.

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Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas
Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas

Feenstra mechanics cycle through the city without a sweat

The idea arose out of frustration, says Remco van den Beld. “Mechanics came to me and said: we just won’t be entering that city anymore. We knew: we had to come up with something about that, because it will only become more impossible.

Cycling is also faster in many cases, especially if mechanics have to visit several addresses. You quickly earn back an e-cargo bike: we are already out of the costs in 33 hours on the bike. ”

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Customized solution: 22 batteries for Felyx

Custom insert for switch vehicle Felyx

As a user, you can easily rent an e-scooter via the Felyx app. Felyx uses a replacement vehicle to change the batteries of these scooters.

To keep the process efficient in the city center, a DOCKR cargo bike was chosen. Felyx chose an Urban Arrow Tender for this. We designed a special custom insert that fits the batteries. In addition to the place for as many batteries as possible, we have also taken safety into account. There is even room for two extra helmets and a personal compartment for the rider.

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Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas
Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas

Unique transfer point: P + R with an electric cargo bike in Amsterdam

DOCKR and Mobian have joined forces to reduce the traffic of vans in the center of Amsterdam. A unique park & ​​ride solution where mechanics, installers, maintenance and handyman companies can easily reserve a parking space on the outskirts of the city, including an electric cargo bike.

The workers then park their work bus on the outskirts of the city, transfer their tools and small materials to the E-Cargo Bike and then quickly, sustainably and efficiently visit their customers in the city center by bicycle. The bicycle can park conveniently and for free in front of the door. Municipalities are working on a car-free city center and CO2 reduction. DOCKR and Mobian join forces.

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Bezorgbakkie delivers the market messages at home

“The concept really appealed to us. You rent a cargo bike and you are not bound by a lease contract of a few years. You can cancel monthly. That is of course super handy if, like us, you first want to test whether your company is viable.

The service at DOCKR is also very good. The bicycle is thoroughly serviced every month. Very nice that you don’t have to worry about that. ”

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Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas