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Choose the DOCKR that suits you.

From logistics service providers to wine merchants, from food delivery to logistics services: Different businesses have different needs. At DOCKR, we therefore have several types of electric cargo bikes, so there is always one that suits your business.

Kettler M

Elektrische bakfiets Kettler Medium

From €289 P/M

Urban Arrow L

Urban Arrow L

From €299 P/M

Urban Arrow XL

From €319 P/M

UA XL specs ENG

Cargo Cycling Convy

Elektrische bakfiets Cargo Cycling

From €319 P/M

Personalise your DOCKR with your own logo.

Increase brand exposure while providing fast and sustainable delivery in the city? Then choose a custom Cargo bike with your own design!

Besticker jouw DOCKR

Customised transport

Would you like to transport wine bottles safely in addition to food delivery? Or do you want a compartment that fits your tools exactly? That's not a problem, with the custom insert. Choose a cargo box that completely meets your wishes, so that you can do what you do best.

"All our employees have been pleasantly surprised about the amount of things they can transport in the cargo bike"

Robert Kuijpers

Cleaning company Bremeij

Get in touch.

At DOCKR, we are curious about your logistics process. We are happy to help you choose the right electric cargo bike: together we will find the vehicle that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions

The DOCKR subscription offers 3 big advantages:

1. All-in: maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance are all included

2. Flexible: no major investment required, monthly commitment and switching vehicles easily

3. Customised: thanks to the option of a custom insert or a branded bike

Did the bike get stolen? That’s annoying! Report the stolen vehicle here and we will help you! After we receive this form and you report the theft to the police, we will make sure that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Damage and repairs due to improper use are entirely at your own expense. This also applies to traffic fines and the costs for charging the batteries. Furthermore, an excess deductible applies in the event of theft, irreparable damage, loss and accidents if there is no culpable conduct. 

This depends on the type of vehicle and whether you use one or two batteries. The cargo weight and the type of electric pedal assistance also play a role. On average, DOCKRs can last 40 kilometres on one battery and 80 kilometres with two batteries, per full charge.

If your DOCKR is broken, we’ll stop by for repairs. If a repair cannot be carried out on site, we will arrange replacement transport as soon as possible. In this case, the replacement vehicle is free of charge.