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Ever tried navigating through the city’s heart, only to get stuck in those endless traffic jams? Yeah, we know the struggle. Those narrow streets aren’t exactly welcoming for big delivery trucks, and don’t get us started on the parking fees! Plus, there’s this growing trend of cities waving goodbye to vehicles that harm our environment more than they help.

Now, if you’re running a small or medium-sized business, chances are, splurging on a fleet of compact delivery vehicles isn’t your cup of tea. Budgets are tight, and every penny counts, right?

Enter DOCKR – your new city-conquering ally. We’re all about giving business owners the upper hand in tackling the urban jungle. How? By offering flexible contracts and a fleet of electric vehicles that are just the right size for your delivery needs. And when we say ‘all-in’, we mean it – insurance, regular maintenance, and even a backup ride in case yours needs a break, all included. Plus, our rental contracts are as easygoing as they come – cancel anytime, no strings attached.

But wait, there’s more! Even in the busiest of cities, our service ensures your packages reach their destinations right on time, and at a fraction of the usual cost. Our delivery folks zip through the streets, leaving a much smaller environmental footprint behind. And for you, the business owner? This makes you way more appealing to your customers and as an employer. Because let’s face it, finding good help these days is a bit of a mission.

Now, let’s talk bikes – specifically, our stellar lineup: the Kettler M, Urban Arrow L, and Urban Arrow XL. These beauties are a breeze to handle, even if you don’t have a driver’s license. That means you’ve got a bigger pool of potential employees to choose from.

Ready to check out the specs of these game-changing rides? Just hit the download button, and you’ll have all the juicy details at your fingertips. Specifications that make your deliveries smoother, faster, and just plain better. Welcome to the future of city deliveries, courtesy of DOCKR!